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speaking of furries draw ur icon

Suzy I am afraid

@nepurin heeft gezegd: you should draw feferi peixes 38)

Look at her go

@nepurin heeft gezegd: you should draw feferi peixes 38)

Look at her go


Classic from the late 2000s 


It was only a kiss

Tell me what to draw or I’m going to play the sims and reblob that furry Mr. Brightside amv til the cows come home

izzypotato asked:

1 + Jacole weezl


This pen is not very good for writing + I can’t write. That was supposed to say ‘wedgies’

For over a decade, my internet presence has been something of an enigma - I am a squirrelly, secretive little creature, a creature whose personal details have been hidden from the public eye. ‘Is that squirrel a boy?’ has been a common query. For many years, the squirrel was content to be seen as a boy, as being a girl squirrel gamer attracted randy little shits whose only concern was whether or not the squirrel had ‘pooped her cherry’ or if she wanted to cyber. She did not. 

But now things are different - I like talking to people and getting to know them, and my mother can no longer see anything I do on the internet, making it significantly easier to open up. I am a jolly child now, a child filled with jocularity and ranch-flavoured peas (yum). Maybe it is okay to let people in on my squirrelly passions, maybe it will not hurt my gentle soul. 

Okay I will quit that shit and get to the point: do I want to break tradition and write an about me? I’ve never had one in my life, but I’ve come to realize that’s something that kinda creeps people out and I’d rather not come off as a creeper when I follow people. Should I?? What kind of things would people like to know if I did?

I’m so glad I have good self-esteem about my art. It’s probably one of my most valuable idiosyncrasies and has kept me going when absolutely everything else sucked.

I don’t think I’m an art god - I know there’re countless areas where I could stand to improve, and that’s exactly what I’ll do. When I finish a picture, I can be proud of its good qualities while still noting its flaws - the flaws don’t get me down because I know my next piece will be even better. I’m going to kick every drawing’s ass, even if I might not kick it exactly the way I want to.

Going back to look through my art used to make me feel a little egotistical, but I threw that thinking right the fuq out the window because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking pride in your work.

It can take time to understand that pride is not synonymous with arrogance, especially when you’re a young artist growing up in an environment where self-depreciation almost seems mandatory. It’s not easy to erase years of negative thinking, and admonishing people for hating on their own art doesn’t help - but I hope every artist out there, young or old, learns that loving your own art is a wonderful thing. 


Fantroll Prunes Fetish

I want to do more of these, I want to do more everything. More art more art more art 

I’ve got ‘life on mars’ blasting while I scrub the toilet and I feel like an 80s teen comedy Cinderella