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holopearl asked:

ok more questions ok ok who are your top three favorite fictional characters if you wanna say why that's cool too

OH DEAR I’m sorry I forgot to answer this! It was too hard s0 I was gonna think about it but then I forgot…

I don’t have many favourite characters because even if I love a story, I don’t really empathize with the characters or get attached to them, idk why. Maybe it’s weird, but idg how it works with most people - like I really don’t get how people have favourite attack on titan or harry potter characters cuz they just seemed all secondary to the story to me ?_? 

My usual reasons for liking a character are because they’re funny or cute or fun to draw, which seems so… basic. 


Goku from dragon ball - not Big Buff Goku from dragon ball z.

He is so cute and precious, it’s almost upsetting. I like him cuz 1. cute 2. never mean. I am going to dl more dragon ball right now o my god


My sister asked me to draw him when I had just started reading homestuck (or more accurately: started it the second time cuz my attention span shorted out on the first try, 1-2 acts in), and I thought he looked funny. Then I got to his introduction in the comic, and what do you know, he was funny all around. I love his goober face and unbridled hair and he is a joy to draw.
Homestuck runner up: Roxy cuz there was one part in hs where I related to her in a way I’ve never, ever related to a char before but I don’t wanna write about that here LoL

UmmMMmm… I know there must be more, but I am so bad at snatching these things out of the morass of my mind. I don’t know who is worthy of third place in this bad taste list, but here’re a few chars I’ve been thinkin about lately: Zabuza and Haku from naruto - their connection was fucked-up and confusing, but that was the closest a show ever got me to crying, Kiba, Temari, Sakon, Tayuya, Dosu - naruto characters whom I had weird babby-crushes on. I also luv Lani, Beatrix, and Quina from FF9. 

The apartment maintenance lady came to fix my door and then told me how much she likes seeing me go off to cons in my ‘crazy outfits’ 

I have nothing to gain and everything to lose

I have nothing to gain and everything to lose

I’m almost done with ff9 for the third time s0 I’m dragging it out for as long as possible by doing all the sidequests I had previously neglected. I have been doing this for days and nothing can stop me

what a good game

Anonymous asked:

Would you rather hang out with Dave Strider or Bro Strider?

Neither - I do not care about puppets or swords, and I will forever associate Dave with a kid from summer camp who had a crush on me and thought I was his girlfriend for months. In my mind Dave has the body and speaking style of that kid. Also, he’s too young. idk how to hang with a 13 yr old, like maybe I could be the cool babysitter

joobr asked:

CIRCUS PEANUTS are grandma candy lol theyre like these squishy giant salmon-pink styrofoam marshmallows omg, vintage sweets are so baffling lol did you ever have those long scrolls of colored sugar dots stuck to paper, its like a kinda-edible receipt in 14pt braile

OH, those things! Those always looked gross as hell to me as a kid s0 I never ate any. And no, but I’ve seen them and your description is cracking me up

joobr asked:

oh gosh, have you never watched mst3k??

n0, I am feeling so uncultured 

phyte asked:

do you enjoy condiments? if so, what kind? alternatively, tell us more about your great fantroll prune fetish

I like ketchup on crispy potatoes, boy do I ever. I also love a thing called spike but idk if anyone else knows what that is. If you don’t, go find some cuz it’s so good on grilled cheese. Also, mayonnaise is the worst condiment, and maybe just the worst thing overall. 

Prunes Fetish is nervous and gross and disturbingly enthusiastic about prunes. He feels inferior around everyone, but girls most of all - he’s not attracted to any but gets agitated and sweaty in their presence nonetheless. He likes virtual pets and probably has a dozen or so, but he gets really guilty if he plays with one more often than the others and worries that they’ll think he’s betraying them. He’s always on edge and can’t grasp the concept of ‘chill’. The only time he is remotely chill is when he’s baking, but even then it is a precarious kind of chill because he insists on substituting vital ingredients without thinking about the consequences, which are often dire. I want everybody to draw my pruney troll

revenaut replied to your post: anoniem heeft gezegd:Would you ra…

does humming count? this summer ive started a habit of dancing when theres no music in public as i walk to place to place. is this an issue officer

You can dance if you want to but humming has been banished 

joobr asked:

would you rather fart the sound of a car horn or burp the sound of a gong? would you rather get a mouthful of awful bubblegum/grape/orange fluoride treatment at the dentist or eat a bag of circus peanuts? do you have a stake in the great 90s internet nerd war of mike vs joel


A gong, the dentist cuz I haven’t gone in years and idk what a circus peanut is, and I don’t know these internet nerds :’~(